12 Year Pure Malt Whisky

700 ml
12 Year Pure Malt Whisky

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A lot of Whisky lovers argue that twelve years is the perfect age for a Malt. Taste is such a personal thing that’s it’s hard to say. But we have noticed that many of our favorite drams happen to be in the ballpark of a dozen years or so. Kurayoshi 12 Year Old Pure Malt is not exception.All the bases are covered — pure Malt aged a full twelve years in new, lightly charred oak, and served up at an absolutely perfect 43% ABV without any of the unwelcome and unnecessary additives that no one really wants. And the result is certainly a sweet spot for us — mellowing the bright tones of the younger spirits into warm notes of nuts and toffee.Want to hear the best part? It's a 100% malted barley Whisky, sourced from distilleries around Scotland, before making their way to Japan, where it is blended with Japanese Whisky, aged, and cut to proof with the legendary volcanic stone filtered water of Tottori Prefecture.

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Tottori, Japan
Kurayoshi, named after the Japanese phrase for "Life is good," is distilled in the foothills of Mt. Daisen, benefiting from the exceptional water of the region. The Sea of Japan's climatic variations influence the whisky's aging process, akin to the rapid maturation seen on Islay Island. Despite being a small distillery with a limited team, Kurayoshi is dedicated to crafting the finest whisky, emphasizing the crucial role of barrels and nature in their meticulous process.Read more