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Kumu Farms

Organic Hawaiian Sunrise Papaya

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Organic Hawaiian Sunrise Papaya

Product Details

Approx. 1 - 1.7 lb per papaya
The pink-orange flesh of the Sunrise (Strawberry) Papaya is firm, but juicy, with one of the sweetest and least acidic flavors of any papaya variety. To ripen green fruit, leave at room temperature for a few days until the smooth skin has turned orange, then store in refrigerator (up to a week) until you're ready to eat it.

These Organic Hawaiian Sunrise Papaya were harvested in Kumu Farms in Wailuku, HI and is brought to us by Veritable Vegetable.

Even though 75% of the Hawaiian Papaya crop is genetically modified to withstand the papaya ringspot virus, this certified organic Papaya (along with all other certified organic produce) was not grown using any genetic modification."

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About The Producer

Kumu Farms
Kaunakakai, Hawaii
Kumu Farms started as a small family farm on the island of Molokai in 1981 growing Sunrise Papaya and other produce for the local Hawaiian market.Read more