Kowalke Organics

Kowalke Organics

Downey, CA

In the 1970s, Kowalke Family Sprouts started growing alfalfa sprouts in the Topanga Canyon area of Southern California for local health food stores. Over the years, Kowalke Family Sprouts became very popular with vegetarians, the health-conscious, and with farmers' market customers looking to add something special to a tasty salad or sandwich creation. By the 1990s, the popularity of Kowalke Family Sprouts led to retail sales in local grocery stores, salad bars, and restaurants.

In 2005, Mike Mathews joined Kowalke Family Sprouts and turned his love for backyard vegetable gardening into a full-fledged occupation. After growing tomatoes, peppers, and corn for several years for friends and family, he set his sights on organic sprouts and wheatgrass with Kowalke Organics. Mike is a firm believer that pesticide-free organic sprouts and wheatgrass juice are an important part of eating healthy. With the exception of some bulk food service items, the entire product line is now Certified Organic.

Kowalke Farms is proud to offer our customers the freshest and tastiest quality sprouts available. To savor all that sprouts can add to your favorite salad or sandwich, freshness is essential to bring out all the crunchiness and flavor each kind of sprouted seed can offer. That’s why Kowalke Farms sprouts and wheatgrass are grown locally, hand-packed early in the morning, and delivered to local grocery stores, typically the day after they are ordered.

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