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Organic Brown Rice

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Organic Brown Rice

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5 lb bag

Koda Farms Organic Kukuho Rose Whole Grain Brown Rice is cultivated with care in the fertile fields of California, undergoing minimal processing to preserve its natural goodness and nutty taste. Rich in essential nutrients, including fiber, vitamins, and minerals, this premium brown rice offers a wholesome alternative to refined grains. Its hearty texture and earthy flavor make it a versatile ingredient for a variety of dishes, from hearty grain bowls to flavorful pilafs and nourishing soups. With firm yet tender grains, this gluten-free rice provides a satisfying bite and robust flavor, enhancing the taste of your favorite recipes. Whether for a quick weeknight meal or a feast for family and friends, Koda Farms Brown Rice impresses with its superior quality and taste, elevating meals with its natural richness and wholesome goodness.

Ingredients: Organic Heirloom Whole Grain Brown Medium Grain Rice

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Koda Farms
South Dos Palos
KODA FARMS is a rice farm with a 100-year history. It is family-operated and manages everything from planting to milling and packaging within the farm, ensuring safe and reliable products. KODA Keisaburo founded the oldest Japanese rice farm in America. His delicious Japanese rice found success in the United States, earning him the title of "Rice King." Particularly, his rice, KOKUHO ROSE, contributed to the popularization of sushi and the birth of the California roll in America. Today, they have expanded their organic farmland and produce and sell premium organic rice certified by USDA, KOSHER, CCOF, and the NON-GMO PROJECT.Read more