King Knish

King Knish

San Francisco

King Knish is the only artisan food producer in the Bay Area dedicated to making the popular Eastern European snack food. 

Leaving no room for confusion with the stuff you may find in your grocer's freezer section, we not only bake our knish in small batches, but we’re also focused on taking homestyle recipes up several notches with creative culinary flair. Customers love our Classic Potato knish, but are always excitedly looking for less traditional options from the King Knish kitchen as well, like the Wasabi and Potato with Crystallized Ginger, Pastrami and Potato, or custom-designed knish recipes. No matter how creative and forward-thinking we get with our recipes, however, we always try to stay true to the “Old World” history and traditional techniques of making knish.

We source all of our ingredients from local Bay Area producers.

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