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Ume Sparkling Juice

12 fl oz
Ume Sparkling Juice

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Kimino Drinks presents their Sparkling Ume Juice, a delightful fusion of traditional Japanese flavors and effervescent refreshment. Crafted with care using ripe ume plums, this sparkling juice offers a unique blend of sweet and tart notes that dance on the palate. Bursting with natural antioxidants and vitamins, Kimino Drinks' Sparkling Ume Juice provides a revitalizing burst of flavor with every sip. Whether enjoyed as a standalone refreshment or mixed into cocktails for a creative twist, this sparkling juice promises to invigorate your taste buds and lift your spirits with its bright and lively taste. Embrace the essence of Japanese tradition with Kimino Drinks' Sparkling Ume Juice, where every bubble brings you closer to the vibrant flavors of the East.

Ingredients: Water, Ume Juice, Organic cane Sugar

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Kimino Drinks
Kimino Drinks embraces the minimalist Japanese Kanso philosophy in each bottle of their sparkling juice, crafting refreshments with only the essentials: pristine sparkling water from Japan's western mountains, whole-pressed fruits, and a touch of organic cane sugar.Read more