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Ume Plum Sparkling Water

12 fl oz
Ume Plum Sparkling Water

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Kimino Drinks' Ume Sparkling Water is a delicate blend that honors the Japanese plum, or Ume, revered for its floral tartness and aromatic flavor. Sourced from the verdant groves of Wakayama prefecture, renowned for producing the highest quality Ume, the fruits are meticulously handpicked and juiced to capture their quintessential essence. This juice is then married with the crystalline waters from Western Japan to create a sparkling beverage that is both invigorating and soothing. Each sip offers a sophisticated, subtly sweet, and tangy taste, embodying the simplicity and elegance of Japanese refreshment. It's a celebration of heritage in a bottle, perfect for savoring the unique flavors of Japan.

Ingredients: Sparkling water, Ume plum juice, Ume plum puree

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Kimino Drinks
Kimino Drinks embraces the minimalist Japanese Kanso philosophy in each bottle of their sparkling juice, crafting refreshments with only the essentials: pristine sparkling water from Japan's western mountains, whole-pressed fruits, and a touch of organic cane sugar.Read more