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Kimino Drinks

Fuji Ringo Apple Sparkling Water

12 fl oz
Fuji Ringo Apple Sparkling Water

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Kimino Drinks' Ringo Sparkling Water presents a pure and effervescent experience that captures the essence of Japan's Aomori region. Each can is a celebration of the renowned Fuji Ringo apples, handpicked with care beyond the Northern Hakkoda mountains. The delicate sweetness and crispness of these apples are balanced with the tranquil waters sourced from Western Japan, creating a harmonious blend. With no artificial additives, this sparkling water offers a taste that's both authentic and refreshing. It's a beverage that respects the Japanese tradition of natural simplicity, providing a delightful and lightly fruity refreshment.

Ingredients: Sparkling water, Apple juice

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Kimino Drinks
Kimino Drinks embraces the minimalist Japanese Kanso philosophy in each bottle of their sparkling juice, crafting refreshments with only the essentials: pristine sparkling water from Japan's western mountains, whole-pressed fruits, and a touch of organic cane sugar.Read more