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Keller Crafted Meats

Grass-Fed Beef Prime Rib Roast (7 Rib, Frozen)

13.5 lb
$27.99 / lb

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Grass-Fed Beef Prime Rib Roast (7 Rib, Frozen)

Product Details

Approx. 13.5-14 lb, serves 13-14, arrives frozen

Keller Crafted Meats' Grass-Fed Beef Prime Rib Roasts are beautifully marbled with fat and delicately trimmed for maximum flavor and tenderness. These 7 rib roasts make for the perfect centerpiece for any carnivore's delight.

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About The Producer

Keller Crafted Meats
Green Valley, CA
Keller Crafted Meats is the first Non-GMO Project Verified charcuterie company in the United States. Their artisan meat products are hand crafted sourcing only meat from animals that are humanely raised and harvested, and never given antibiotics or hormones.Read more