Judy's Breadsticks

Crisp Sesame Breadsticks

5 oz
$0.95 / oz
Crisp Sesame Breadsticks

Product Details

Crisp Sesame Breadsticks are a crunchy, crispy, flavorful breadstick that's perfect for snacking on, setting out alongside your meal, or tucking into lunchboxes. Made with whole-grain flour, barley malt, olive oil, and plenty of sesame seeds, these fun and delicious breadsticks will disappear in no time.

Ingredients: organic whole grain wheat flour, barley malt, olive oil, sesame, black, white and natural seeds, sea salt and yeast.
Contains: wheat.

About The Producer

Judy's Breadsticks
Mill Valley, CA
The team at Judy's Breadsticks has been baking original, vegan goodies in Marin County since 1993.Read more