Josey Baker Bread

Country Sourdough

24 oz
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Country Sourdough

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1.5 lb loaf, fresh baked that morning.

** Given the nature of this item, it is only available for Bay Area customers **

Country Sourdough is Josey's plain and simple, pure and true loaf. It's just flour, water, salt, and sourdough culture. And that flour? It's mostly fresh whole wheat flour, stone-milled fresh every day at The Mill. Slice or tear it, spread it with salted butter, jam, or a soft cheese, or enjoy it for the traditional-style perfection it is.  

Ingredients: whole wheat flour, bread flour (wheat), sourdough culture, sea salt.
Contains: wheat.

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About The Producer

Josey Baker Bread
San Francisco, CA
Josey Baker (yes, that's his real name) grinds fresh whole wheat flour every day and combines it with a sourdough starter that he got from a friend's grandmother to make whole grain sourdough bread with history and heart.Read more