Jittery John's Cold Brew Coffee

Jittery John's Cold Brew Coffee

San Francisco
Jittery John's Cold Brew Coffee is made from a unique recipe of locally roasted, premium coffee beans and chicory. 

Cold brewing means that the brew is made with cold (without hot water). The process takes quite a bit longer than hot brewed coffee, but the result is well worth the wait. Cold extraction draws significantly less of the bitter acids from the beans than hot coffee extraction, and thus produces a super rich and super smooth cup of coffee that is very easy to drink iced or hot.

What sets our concentrate apart from other cold brews is our rich flavor and big body. While other cold brews can taste like watered-down versions of a flavorful cup of coffee, we painstakingly experiment with our recipe to deliver the most delicious tasting cold brew available.  

Although chicory is caffeine-free, our brew is anything but. It's strong and concentrated, like espresso, so a little goes a long way. For example, our 16oz bottle can make 4-5 glasses of iced coffee because you only need a shot or two  of JJ's per beverage. Our signature brew is highly complimented by milk, and we love it with all kinds - soy, almond, ice cream (that counts right?), and booze, which counts as milk, right?

Born from a long time obsession with coffee, we operate a lean team, making each batch by hand. We hope you love what we have created as much as we do!
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