Healdsburg, CA
Welcome to Jimtown Store! We’re a country store and cafe with a wider worldview, a Sonoma County landmark nestled in the vineyards of the Alexander Valley, one of Northern California’s premium wine appellations. Inspiration for our food comes from favorite American family recipes, drawn from the culinary traditions of generations of immigrants, from European settlers to more recent arrivals from Mexico and across the Pacific. Our food is prepared using home-grown California ingredients with Mediterranean and Meso-American accents. We honor the growers by preparing dishes with restraint, letting the flavors complement one another, each allowed its own voice. The food we serve flatters the wine our neighbors make, and we hope they enjoy the compliment.

Jimtown has been a landmark since 1895, when Jim Patrick founded it to serve as the general store, post office, and meeting place for residents of the valley. In 1989, a former Silver Palate partner, the late John Werner, and his wife, artist Carrie Brown, chanced upon the store while visiting from New York City. Soon after learning that it was for sale, the couple bought Jimtown. John and Carrie immediately set out to restore the abandoned landmark to its former glory and add a few twists of their own. Jimtown continues to be a community store for the 21st century, a cross between a cafe and an information center for locals and travelers. It’s a true democratic spot where neighbors meet for coffee, and wine industry executives, winemakers, vineyard managers, and workers alike break for lunch. Children come for afterschool snacks, and tourists rest and refuel between wine tastings. Navigating Highway 128 to reach us means generously giving wide berth to cyclists training for the Tour of California, tractors pulling gondolas loaded with grapes at harvest, and farmers delivering produce.

With the help of her dedicated staff and her father, Carrie Brown continues to build a business that comfortably accommodates both tourists and a local population that has long supported Jimtown Store. In partnership with the community, we honor local farming and practice generous hospitality.
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