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Jennifer Fisher

Jennifer Fisher Universal Salt

2.5 oz
Jennifer Fisher Universal Salt

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The ultimate seasoning salt for salads, starches, vegetables, and meats. Jennifer Fisher's universal salt was originally created as a breakfast salt containing no garlic or onion for Jennifer's famous poached eggs. The salt has evolved to become a true universal salt.

Ingredients: kosher salt, black pepper, dill weed, dried cilantro, red chili pepper flakes, lemon zest

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About The Producer

Jennifer Fisher
New York, NY
Jennifer Fisher is a woman owned and founded brand, who started in fine jewelry who has now expanded to a brass jewelry and a seasoning salt collection. Jennifer finds the demand in her everyday life, and makes it come to life. Jennifer passion is cooking, and while filming instagram videos for her JenniferFisherKitchen page, the Jennifer Fisher salts were born. Jennifer made her own blend of spices and her viewers wanted to know what she was using, which are now packaged for resale in 2.5oz glass jars, 16oz refillable bags featured in spicy, universal and curry salt.Read more