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Jacobsen Salt Co.

Hand-Harvested Pure Flake Finishing Salt

4 oz
$2.99 / oz
Hand-Harvested Pure Flake Finishing Salt

Product Details

4 oz bag

This is Jacobsen Salt Co.'s original Hand-Harvested Pure Flake Finishing Salt from Netarts Bay, Oregon. These large, crystalline flakes have a bright salinity and a delicate crunch. Use them liberally to finish savory and sweet dishes alike, scattering shining flakes across everything from roasted seasonal veggies to rich chocolate tarts. This 4 oz size is perfect for gifting and for home kitchens—you'll be surprised at how often you find yourself reaching for a pinch of Pure Flake Finishing Salt before sitting down with your plate.

Ingredients: sea salt.

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About The Producer

Jacobsen Salt Co.
Tillamook, OR
Harvested from the cold waters of the Oregon Coast, Jacobsen Salt Co.’s pure sea salts have gained much critical acclaim for their beautiful taste, texture, and appearance.Read more