Iio Jozo

Sushi Vinegar

360 ml
Sushi Vinegar

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Iio Jozo’s wonderful sushi vinegar is made from their Pure Rice Vinegar, brown sugar from Tanegashima, wildflower honey from Argentina, and Australian sea salt processed in Hyogo prefecture. Just looking at those carefully curated ingredients you can see why this condiment is incredible. Use this vinegar when making Temaki, Chirashi or Inari sushi, but don’t stop there, it is great as a vinaigrette, etc.

Ingredients: water, rice, sugar, honey, salt

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About The Producer

Iio Jozo
Miyazo, Japan
Founded in 1893, Iio Jozo is a prestigious vinegar brewery in Miyazu, Japan, known for its high-quality rice vinegar. They are committed to traditional methods, controlling every step from rice farming to vinegar making, using only pesticide-free rice.Read more