Iio Jozo

Premium Pure Rice Vinegar

500 ml
Premium Pure Rice Vinegar

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500 ml bottle

Like their Pure Rice Vinegar, this vinegar is made with ingredients grown without pesticides and Iio Jozo’s house-made sake. However, to make a liter of this premium vinegar they use 320 grams of rice. This recipe was developed over a 20 year period by the fifth generation Iio-san to have a rounder, fuller taste and has minimized the acidic nose of regular vinegar

Ingredients: water, rice

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Iio Jozo
Miyazo, Japan
Founded in 1893, Iio Jozo is a prestigious vinegar brewery in Miyazu, Japan, known for its high-quality rice vinegar. They are committed to traditional methods, controlling every step from rice farming to vinegar making, using only pesticide-free rice.Read more