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Horikawaya Nomura

Aka (Red) Miso


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Aka (Red) Miso

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Nomura-san's miso is some of the best we have ever tried. His commitment to his koji for each miso is a testament to his fine condiments, plus in Japan miso is everywhere and everyone uses it for this or that. Nomura-san’s aka (red) miso has a strong flavor, mixing sweet, salty and savory elements. This robustness in flavor is attained over a 3 year fermentation. This miso can be a great marinade for meats or used in miso soups that include vegetables like potatoes or pumpkin. Keep refrigerated.

Ingredients: soybean, barley (wheat), salt

Contains: Soy

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About The Producer

Horikawaya Nomura
Gobo City, Japan
Horikawaya Nomura, a 300-year-old soy sauce and miso brewery in Gobo City, Wakayama Prefecture, is renowned for its traditional brewing techniques. Led by the 18th-generation Nomura-san, a koji master, the brewery produces distinct soy sauce and miso varieties, each unique.Read more