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Equator Pour Over Medium Roast Coffee Pouches

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Equator Pour Over Medium Roast Coffee Pouches

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Indulge in the perfect cup of coffee with Hooked Pour Over Coffee Pouches featuring Equator Coffees' Medium Roast. Immerse yourself in the rich and nuanced flavors of this meticulously crafted medium roast, showcasing the distinct qualities of Equator Coffees' premium beans. The convenient pour-over design allows you to experience the precision of a pour-over brew without the need for specialized equipment – just add hot water and let the pouch do the rest.

Each pouch is a gateway to a coffee adventure, offering a balanced and aromatic profile that captures the essence of Equator Coffees' dedication to quality and sustainability. With notes of nuttiness, hints of chocolate, and a satisfying brightness, this medium roast is a delightful journey for coffee enthusiasts seeking a harmonious blend of flavor and convenience. Elevate your coffee ritual with Hooked Pour Over Coffee Pouches – where exceptional taste meets effortless brewing.

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Hooked Coffee
San Francisco, CA
Hooked Coffee focuses on enhancing your day with top-tier coffee experiences. They collaborate with specialty roasters to bring café-quality coffee to your home. Their unique single-serve coffee pouches simplify brewing: just hook a filter over a mug and pour hot water for a perfect cup. Hooked Coffee is committed to accessibility and ease, making a refined coffee experience effortless for aspiring individuals.Read more