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Organic Hodo Thai Curry Tofu Nuggets

8 oz
$13.58 / lb
Organic Hodo Thai Curry Tofu Nuggets

Product Details

Hodo Thai Curry Tofu Nuggets are flavorful and fragrant morsels of tofu cubes that we fry then braise in an aromatic curry of lemongrass and warm, exotic spices that impart a slightly spicy and wonderful flavor explosion in your mouth. Hodo Thai Curry Nuggets are juicy, slightly spicy and tasty, and have a chewy texture. 

Hodo Thai Curry Nuggets are certified organic and gluten-free. Try them cold or hot, straight out of the package or as the star in a salad, pasta or a sauté. We particularly love the nuggets in a sandwich with sliced apples. Toss some into your lunch box as a healthy snack!.

This product was formerly named Hodo Curry Nuggets

Hodo Organic Tofu Puffs (Hodo Organic Tofu [Water, Organic Soybeans, Calcium Sulfate], Soybean Oil*), Water, Evaporated Cane Juice*, Sea Salt, Curry Powder* (Coriander*, Cumin*, Turmeric*, Mustard*, Black Pepper*, Fenugreek*, Cayenne*), Garlic Powder*, Sesame Oil*, Chilies*, Cayenne*, Lemongrass*

Contains: sesame.

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Oakland, CA
Organic, non-GMO hand-crafted tofu and delicious tofu-based artisan foods that will forever change the way you know tofu. Vegan and gluten-free.Read more