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Organic Mizuna Greens

1 bunch
$13.30 / lb
Organic Mizuna Greens

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Approx. 0.3 lbs per bunch, leaves 7-9" long
Mizuna is a Japanese mustard green with thin, delicate leaves. It has a very mild radish flavor and is often used in salad mixes or with many Japanese dishes such as sashimi or in soups.  It's best used raw or very lightly cooked.

Mizuna is high in vitamins C, A, K, Calcium and Fiber.

100g of Mizuna contains: 
  • 70 mg of vitamin C (100% dv)
  • 151 mcg vitamin A (30% dv)
  • 257 mcg vitmain K (200%)
  • 1790 mcg beta carotene
  • 115 mg Calcium (14% dv)
  • 3.2g fiber

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Hikari Farms
Watsonville, CA
Hikari Farms is an organic greenhouse operation in Watsonville, CA, that specializes in Asian greens.Read more