Heirloom Coffee Roasters

Pacayal Honey Lot Coffee Beans

12 oz
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Pacayal Honey Lot Coffee Beans

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12 oz bag

Heirloom Coffee Roasters' Pacayal Honey Lot Coffee Beans is a symphony of flavors that promises an unparalleled coffee journey. With delightful notes of juicy plum, honey, and invigorating orange blossom, this blend has garnered an impressive 90-92 points, earning it the esteemed Bronze Medal at the 2022 Golden Bean Awards. The aroma of fragrant orange blossom intertwines with the deep juiciness of ripe summer plum, while its honey-like body leaves a sweet and crisp finish that lingers harmoniously on the palate. Embodying the essence of uniqueness, Pacayal Honeylot showcases the artistry of culinary roasting techniques, creating a bold expression of flavor and aroma. Beyond the cup, this coffee supports impactful initiatives, including empowering women, sustainable production practices, and quality research—making every sip an ethically conscious choice that resonates with a commitment to excellence and environmental well-being.

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Heirloom Coffee Roasters
Oakland, CA
Heirloom Coffee Roasters is a pioneering coffee brand that exclusively roasts coffees grown through 100% regenerative farming practices. With a commitment to preserving coffee-growing regions for generations to come, Heirloom Coffee aims to combat the challenges posed by soil degradation, deforestation, and overfarming. By adopting regenerative agriculture, they not only ensure the sustainability of specialty coffee but also support social fairness and accountability within the industry. Their roasting philosophy is centered around competition-level quality, blending decades of roasting expertise with elite technical training to deliver an exceptional cup of coffee every time.Read more