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Root Beer Apaptogenic Tea Elixir

16 fl oz
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Root Beer Apaptogenic Tea Elixir

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16 oz

GT's Root Beer Adaptogenic Tea Elixir is a unique and flavorful beverage that combines the classic taste of root beer with the wellness benefits of adaptogenic mushrooms. Crafted from high quality pu-erh tea, this elixir is infused with a blend of adaptogenic mushrooms like reishi, chaga, and turkey tail, known for their stress-relieving and energizing properties. With its bold root beer flavor and herbal undertones, this elixir offers a refreshing and revitalizing drink that supports both body and mind.

Ingredients: adaptogenic mushroom infusion (reishi, chaga, turkey tail), pu-erh tea, raw apple cider vinegar, dark amber maple, root beer spices. raw apple cider vinegar: 30g, reishi mushroom: 600mg, chaga mushroom: 600mg, turkey tail mushroom: 600mg.

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