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Guava Paloma Agua de Kefir

16 oz
Guava Paloma Agua de Kefir

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Indulge in a tropical twist with GT's Guava Paloma Agua de Kefir. Crafted to perfection by GT, this vibrant beverage combines the exotic flavor of guava with the zesty essence of a Paloma cocktail, all infused with the probiotic richness of kefir. Made with organic ingredients, this sparkling agua de kefir offers a refreshing burst of tropical goodness with every sip. The tangy sweetness of guava is complemented by the subtle citrus notes, creating a harmonious and invigorating flavor profile. Whether enjoyed on its own or as a mixer for cocktails, GT's Guava Paloma Agua de Kefir is the perfect choice for those seeking a delicious and gut-friendly beverage option. Embrace the tropical allure and probiotic benefits with GT's Guava Paloma Agua de Kefir, and elevate your hydration experience to new heights.

Ingredients: Water kefir (purified water, cane sugar*, electrolytes, dairy-free kefir and probiotic cultures), guava puree, grapefruit juice, cold pressed lime juice, habanero juice, erythritol*, and stevia*. *Organically produced.

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