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Dragon Fruit Fresa Agua de Kefir

16 oz
Dragon Fruit Fresa Agua de Kefir

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Experience a refreshing fusion of flavors with GT's Dragon Fruit Fresa Agua de Kefir. Crafted with care by GT, this invigorating beverage combines the exotic allure of dragon fruit with the vibrant sweetness of strawberries, all infused with the probiotic goodness of kefir. Made using organic ingredients, this sparkling agua de kefir offers a delightful effervescence that tantalizes the taste buds and refreshes the senses. With its tangy and fruity notes, it's the perfect beverage to enjoy on a warm day or as a revitalizing pick-me-up anytime. Embrace the goodness of probiotics and tropical fruits with GT's Dragon Fruit Fresa Agua de Kefir, and elevate your hydration game with every sip.

Ingredients: Water kefir (purified water, cane sugar*, electrolytes, dairy-free kefir and probiotic cultures), dragon fruit juice, strawberry juice, lemon juice, erythritol*, and stevia*. *Organically produced.

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