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Alive Cola Ancient Mushroom Elixir

16 fl oz
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Alive Cola Ancient Mushroom Elixir

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16 fl oz bottle

Introducing Alive Cola Ancient Mushroom Elixir, a transformative fusion of ancient wisdom and modern wellness. This elixir is a macro-dose of mushroom magic, featuring a powerful trio of adaptogenic mushrooms—Reishi, Chaga, and Turkey Tail—infused into purposeful teas with iconic, uplifting flavors. Embrace the holistic influence of Ayurvedic tradition with a 1800mg functional dose, fortifying immunity, promoting homeostasis, and enhancing the body's resilience to stressors through the ritualistic use of adaptogens. Each sip is a journey towards better health and balance, inviting you to bring your body into harmony with the natural power of mushrooms. Alive Cola Ancient Mushroom Elixir is not just a drink; it's a wellness ritual that fortifies and sustains, offering a flavorful path to vitality and longevity.

Ingredients: Adaptogenic Mushroom Infusion (Reishi, Chaga, Turkey Tail), Black Tea*, Apple Cider Vinegar*, Fresh Pressed Apple Juice*, Fresh Pressed Lime Juice*, Cinnamon*, Erythritol, Cane Sugar*, Vanilla Extract*, Kola Nut*, Sea Salt*, Black Pepper*, Stevia* and 100% Pure Love!!!

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