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Dill Pickle Chips

16 oz
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Dill Pickle Chips

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16 oz jar

Grillo's Pickles Dill Chips are thinly sliced pickled cucumbers that bring the classic dill flavor to your meals. Ideal for enhancing the taste of burgers and sandwiches, these chips add a crunchy, tangy touch.

Ingredients: Cucumbers, Brine (Water, Distilled White Vinegar, Salt), Garlic, Dill, Grape Leaves.

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Grillo's Pickles
Boston, MA
Grillo's Pickles, founded in 2008 in Boston, has transformed a 100-year-old family recipe into a nationwide sensation. Known for their simple, garden-fresh ingredients, Grillo's pickles are distinctively made, shipped, and sold cold, eschewing artificial preservatives and colors. The brand's journey from a hand-built wooden pickle cart to a beloved national brand is a testament to its quality and the early support of loyal customers.Read more