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"Sizzle" Extra Virgin Olive Oil

750 ml
"Sizzle" Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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750 ml bottle

Graza's "Sizzle" Extra Virgin Olive Oil is your go-to cooking companion, made from mature, mid-season olives that bring a mellow, versatile flavor to your dishes. Harvested in November during peak season, these olives are at their juiciest and most mature, yielding a generous amount of oil. With approximately 13 pounds of Picual olives harvested in December/January needed to produce just 1 liter of this cooking oil, you know it's packed with flavor. The more mature olives create an oil with a mild taste and a higher smoke point, making it perfect for various cooking techniques like roasting, searing, pan frying, baking, and marinating.

Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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About The Producer

Brooklyn, NY
Graza delivers fresh, pure olive oil straight from Jaen, Spain. Their single-origin oils, made from 100% Picual olives, are a game-changer for every kitchen. With a user-friendly squeezy bottle, Graza makes it convenient to enjoy high-quality olive oil in your daily culinary adventures.Read more