Gowan's Heirloom Cider

'1876' Heirloom Applewine Cider

500 ml
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'1876' Heirloom Applewine Cider

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500 ml, 5.7% ABV

Crafted as a homage to their family's inaugural apple harvest in 1876, this cider showcases the essence of fresh heirloom apples harvested straight from Gowan's Heirloom Cider's orchards. Drawing inspiration from classic French cider-making traditions, this medium-dry cider offers a refreshing and crisp taste with luscious layers of ripe apple flavors. With captivating notes of caramel, stone fruit, and rose, this cider delivers a delightful balance of earthiness, florals, honey, and fruity nuances. The cider's light sparkle and smooth texture make for a truly enjoyable experience, culminating in a medium finish. Perfectly paired with cheeses, savory and spicy dishes, or even chocolate, this cider is best served lightly chilled in a tulip glass or white wine glass.

Ingredients: Heirloom organic certified apples, hard cider, sulfites

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Gowan's Heirloom Cider
Philo, CA
Gowan's Heirloom Ciders is a renowned producer known for their exceptional quality and craftmanship in crafting unique, flavorful ciders. They specialize in using heirloom apple varieties, carefully handpicked from their orchards, to create distinctive and refreshing ciders that showcase the rich heritage and flavors of the region.Read more