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Gourmet Mushrooms Inc.

Organic Trumpet Royale (King Trumpet) Mushrooms

4 oz
$19.96 / lb
Organic Trumpet Royale (King Trumpet) Mushrooms

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4 oz. Clamshell

Trumpet Royale™ has a wonderful savory flavor, a firm, meaty texture, and an amazing shelf life. Chefs in some of the country’s finest restaurants have remarked on its versatility and will often use it in place of wild mushrooms.

It has a great range of flavor, depending on the preparation style. It can be sautéed, grilled, braised, stewed, or broiled. Unlike many mushrooms, the stem has the same wonderful texture and flavor as the cap – nothing is wasted.

The stem may be sliced into medallions and prepared like seared scallops. Trumpet Royale™ offers endless opportunities for creativity! Certified organic by QAI.

Firm porcini-like texture, its savory richness is emphasized by high-heat cooking. Sautéed with butter, it pairs with Chardonnay. Grilled or roasted with olive oil, pair it with Syrah. With meats, try with Pinot Noir or Zinfandel. It likes cream, walnut, sherry, parmesan, rosemary, balsamic.

Chef's Tips: Great on the grill! Just split in half and toss with olive oil. Cut the stem into scallops to emphasize the meatiness. Keeps its shape and texture when sliced or diced.

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