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Gourmet Mushrooms Inc.

Organic Brown Clamshell (Brown Beech) Mushrooms

4 oz
$19.96 / lb
Organic Brown Clamshell (Brown Beech) Mushrooms

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4 oz. Clamshell

The versatile Clamshell™, also known as Hon- or Buna-Shimeji, is distinguished by its mild shellfish flavor. It's quarter-size caps with 2 to 3 inch white stems retain a crunchy texture even after sautéing.

We recommend a hot sauté to coax the most flavor out of this mushroom. The Brown Clamshell™ is a pleasant addition to seafood soups or bisques, stews, sauces, or stir-fries. They have a good shelf life, and the marbled appearance of the Brown Clamshell™ is attractive in produce and restaurant presentations. Certified organic by QAI. Similar character to Alba Clamshell™, but more versatile, easily able to pair with red wine sauces or an Asian influenced stir fry. Roast to deepen flavors. Grilled veal, almond, cashew, garlic chive, thyme.

Chef's Tips: Like the Alba Clamshell™, a brief blanching will soften the flavor profile. Both varieties are excellent with shellfish.

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