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Large Organic Chef's Sampler Mushrooms


16 oz
$12.59 / lb
Large Organic Chef's Sampler Mushrooms

Product Details

16 oz. mix of 4 rotating varieties
A mix of four of seven popular specialty varieties:
  • Forest Nameko: Features a glossy, amber-colored cap.  The gloss is a natural protein gel that forms a glaze when roasted or grilled and adds body to soups and sauces.
  • Velvet Pioppini: Magnificent dark brown caps on long cream colored stems, the intense forest flavor makes it a natural for pastas, game, and red meats.
  • Trumpet Royale: Has a wonderful savory flavor, a firm, meaty texture, and an amazing shelf life. Chefs in some of the country’s finest restaurants have remarked on its versatility and will often use it in place of wild mushrooms.
  • Nebrodini Bianco: A large, firm ivory colored cousin of the trumpet Royale with a unique sweet, rich flavor. At home both in green curry with coconut or with tomato, olive and capers.
  • Maitake Frondosa: Composed of leafy fronds that have a fresh aroma and firm texture.  Highly valued for properties supporting the immune system.  Our best seller!
  • Alba Clamshell: An albino strain of the Brown Clamshell, it is distinguished by its mild shellfish flavor. It's quarter-size caps with 2 to 3 inch white stems retain a crunchy texture even after sautéing.
  • Brown Clamshell: More versatile than the Alba Clamshell, it's quarter-size caps with 2 to 3 inch white stems retain a crunchy texture even after sautéing.

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Gourmet Mushrooms Inc.
Sebastopol, CA
Gourmet Mushrooms in Sebastopol, CA, grows more varieties of organic culinary and nutraceutical mushrooms than any farm in America. We harvest eight varieties of organic specialty mushrooms for America's finest restaurants, specialty food wholesalers and gourmet grocers.Read more