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Organic Cherimoya

1 lb
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Organic Cherimoya

Product Details

Approx. 2-3 cherimoya per lb
Also known as custard apple, Cherimoya has a smooth, custard-like flesh that holds a surprising mixture of tropical flavors like papaya, pineapple, mango, coconut and/or banana. It's leathery green skin will have a gold hue, some brown spots and should yield to pressure when perfectly ripe. Slice one down the middle and grab a spoon for a delightful snack -- just be sure to not eat the seeds!

Note: Some cherimoya may arrive slightly under-ripe. Leave at room temperature to fully ripen and can be chilled for 1-2 days when ripe.

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Good Land Organics
Our farm is located in the coastal foothills of Santa Barbara at an elevation of 650 feet with a comfortably warm, southern orientation. Our weather combined with our innovative organic growing techniques allows us to cultivate a wide range of out of the ordinary crops such as cherimoyas, finger limes, coffee and more.Read more