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SF's Best: Coffee Bundle

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SF's Best: Coffee Bundle

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Four 12 oz whole coffee bean bag

If you crave the Bay Area’s amazing coffee culture or want to sample, savor, and sip some of the region’s best, this bundle is for you. We’ve curated four of our best-selling coffee brands that we think warrant a second cup. Taste for yourself.

This bundle includes:

Coffee Manufactory #3 Africa — A rotating selection from Africa’s birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia. Usually naturally dried and unwashed, these whole beans have complex, fruit-forward flavors with more complexity than most washed beans.

Philz Jacob’s WonderBar — Deep, smoky, low-acidity darkness. With notes of dark chocolate and nuts, this darker blend has a silky finish, stands up well to milk and cream, and shines in almost any preparation.

Peet’s Major Dickenson’s Blend — An original from its Berkley Cafe, this is a rich, smooth, and complex coffee with a full body and multi-layered character. This classic roast is a favorite of Peet's loyalists.

Four Barrel Single Origin — A rotating selection from Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Ethiopia, or Kenya. This whole-bean, single-origin coffee is freshly roasted and each signature bag features the work of a local artist.

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