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Peak Season Produce Bundle

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Peak Season Produce Bundle

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6-10 fresh produce items per bundle

Peak Season Produce Bundle is a delightful assortment of radically-fresh produce that brings the vibrant flavors of the season right to your doorstep. Carefully curated by the Good Eggs team, each bundle is a delicious surprise as the contents may vary based on what's tasting great and at the peak of freshness. From luscious fruits to crisp vegetables, this medley offers a diverse array of goodness to elevate your culinary creations. Enjoy the different varieties and versatility of this fresh produce as you cook up nourishing meals and refreshing snacks.

The variety of produce may change depending on the season, but rest assured that each medley will be packed with the local produce you know and love, allowing you to savor the best local farms have to offer.

This week's Peak Season Produce Bundle may include: 

  • Organic Butternut Squash from Terra Firma Farm
  • Organic Lacinato Kale from Spade & Plow
  • Organic Baby Broccoli from Oya Organics
  • Organic Nantes Carrots from Sunrise Organics
  • Organic Sunchokes from Coke Farm
  • Organic Romanesco Cauliflower from Lakeside Organic Gardens
  • Organic Cara Cara Oranges from Cliff McFarlin Family Farms
  • Tango Tangerines from Galpin Family Farms
  • Organic Pink Lady Apples from Cuyama Orchards

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