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Espresso Yourself: Coffee Bundle

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Espresso Yourself: Coffee Bundle

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Four whole coffee bean bags

Our curated selection will allow you to explore a range of wonderful espresso expressions. Espresso is often misunderstood, but when you know it, you love it. Different roasting, grinding, and brewing techniques give espresso a bold and less acidic flavor. It’s perfect as a Ristretto pulled as a full shot, or used in a Latte, Americano, or Cappuccino. No espresso machine? Try it as a pour-over to extract all the flavor without all the gear.

This bundle includes:

Blue Bottle Coffee Hayes Valley Espresso — a dark espresso blend from Uganda, Guatemala, Brazil, Ethiopia, and Mexico that’s lower­-toned with minimal brightness, plenty of chocolate, and engaging complexity. The shots are perfectly heavy with voluptuous red-­brown crema and a gorgeous silky viscosity.

Lady Falcon Espresso — a seasonal blend of two African varietals and one Central American gives Lady Falcon’s Queen of the Beach espresso its richness with flavors of clementines, cookie butter, and Fuji apples.

Coffee Manufactory 01 Espresso — this series will change seasonally as the Coffee Manufactory updates the source of their coffee beans, but you can expect a structured and creamy shot with Maple Syrup, Almond Chocolate Fudge, and Baked apple flavor notes.

Four Barrel Coffee Friendo Blendo Espresso — fully washed Arabica coffee beans roasted to perfection give this morning cuppa bright, sweet, and floral aromas with flavors of fresh berries, citrus, and a toffee finish.

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