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Peak Season Fruit Bundle

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Peak Season Fruit Bundle

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4-5 fruits per medley

Peak Season Fruit Bundle is a delightful assortment of nature's sweetest treasures, specially curated by the Good Eggs team to bring a burst of flavor to your table. Enjoy the juicy goodness of the season with this ever-changing selection of delectable fruits, all thoughtfully picked for their peak ripeness and taste. From the refreshing crunch of apples to the tropical delights of pineapples and the zesty goodness of citrus fruits, this medley offers a delightful mix of nature's finest offerings. Whether enjoyed as a snack, a colorful addition to your breakfast, or a juicy topping for desserts, the Good Eggs Fruits Medley will add a variety of fresh fruits to your daily routine.

The variety of fruits may change depending on the season, but rest assured that each medley will be packed with the local produce you know and love, allowing you to savor the best local farms have to offer.

This week's Peak Season Fruit Bundle may include:

  • Yellow Peaches from Cliff McFarlin Family Farms, Galpin Family Farms, or Blossom Bluff Orchards
  • Plums or Pluots from Cliff McFarlin Family Farms, Galpin Family Farms, or Blossom Bluff Orchards
  • Mini Seedless Watermelon from Terra Firma Farm
  • Strawberries from Coke Farm
  • Blackberries from Free Spirt Farm or Gauchito Hill Farm

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