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Organic Cut & Peeled Baby Carrots

16 oz
$2.99 / lb
Organic Cut & Peeled Baby Carrots

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16 oz bag

Crunchy and convenient, these baby carrots are perfect for party platters, meal prep, and after-school snacks. They’re low in calories and a single serving contains high levels of beta-carotene. While they’re the perfect size for snacking, baby carrots are great in soups, stews, and other recipes as well.

Storage: Refrigerate carrots in the original package until opened. Once opened, store them in a resealable plastic bag or another airtight container. Carrots should be stored in the refrigerator between 34 and 36 degrees Fahrenheit. To extend the shelf life of your carrots, you can place a damp paper towel in the bag or container, but avoid storing carrots in water as it will soften their texture.

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