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Longevity Bundle 3-Pack


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Longevity Bundle 3-Pack

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Three salad & dish bundle

The Longevity Bundle is an excellent choice for those looking to bundle and save while enjoying nutritious and flavorful meals:

Greek Isle Longevity Salad: Elevates the classic Greek salad with fresh mint, pickled red onions, chickpeas, feta, cucumbers, and tomatoes, perfect for a healthy lunch or dinner​​.

Cali Valley Farro & Chicken Salad: A protein-rich California twist on chicken Caesar with Meyer lemon vinaigrette, farro grains, Parmesan, and almonds, ideal for balanced eating​​.

Japanese Nourish Bowl with Tamari Roasted Tofu: A savory blend of marinated tofu, sweet potatoes, and wild rice, dressed with sesame and sprinkled with Shichimi Togarashi, offering a rich protein boost for meals or a satisfying main dish.

This bundle offers a variety of delicious, health-focused options, making it a smart choice for those seeking both convenience and taste.

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