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just add m*lk: Vanilla Chia Pudding & Mango Coconut Crunch

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just add m*lk: Vanilla Chia Pudding & Mango Coconut Crunch

Product Details

3 oz dry cup with lid

New to Good Eggs, Vanilla Chia Pudding is a ready-made and portioned dry mix made with the perfect balance of chia seeds, maple sugar and natural vanilla.

Add your dairy milk or plant-based milk of choice to the container. No need to measure, simply add 6 oz of milk put to the labeled line, tightly screw the lid and shake for 20 seconds. By the time you get to work, you’ll have a healthy and satisfying breakfast. Add the crunchy Mango Coconut Crunch topping, as well as your preferred fresh fruit of choice. 

This product can be stored at room temperature, but we recommend placing it in your fridge right next to your milk of choice so you remember to set your future self up for a delicious breakfast!

Preparation Instructions

Simply add your milk of choice up to the fill line, tightly screw the lid back on, turn upside down and shake vigorously for 20 seconds. Allow pudding to sit for at least 2 hours or overnight before enjoying. When ready to enjoy, sprinkle granola mix over the top. 

Ingredients: Chia Seeds Black, Coconut Flakes unsweetened, Dried Mango, Blanched Almonds, Maple Syrup, Maple Sugar, Canola Oil, Vanilla Extract, Salt, Vanilla Powder

Contains: Tree nuts (coconuts, almonds)

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