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Kaltbach Le Gruyere

6 oz
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Kaltbach Le Gruyere

Product Details

Kaltbach Le Gruyere is a masterpiece of cheese craftsmanship. Under the attentive care of the Kaltbach Master Affineur in the cave, this cheese undergoes a serene maturation process. The mineral-rich air within the cave nurtures specially selected Le Gruyère wheels, infusing them with remarkable layers of flavor. Instantly recognizable by its rustic brown patina, this cheese delights with notes of dried stone fruit, spice, black tea, and hazelnuts, all underscored by an earthy richness that will captivate your palate. The texture is wonderfully smooth with a subtle flake and an unmistakable crystal crunch. Enjoy this cheese on a charcuterie board, grated over pasta, or simply paired with a fine wine for a truly indulgent experience.

IngredientsCultured Milk, Salt, Enzymes 

Contains: Milk

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