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1655 Gruyere

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1655 Gruyere

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Fromagerie Le Cret is located near Gruyere’s namesake village in the Canton of Fribourg, Switzerland. Cheesemaker Jean-Marie Dunand goes to great lengths to maintain high standards, using only his most exceptional milk, making about half as much cheese as his quota would allow, and constantly refining his process. The result is a dairy that is a frequent recipient of the Gruyere Association's Medaille d’Or, an award presented to dairies with the highest evaluations every month for five years.

Aged by a local affineur that has been in business since 1915, Gruyere 1655 is marked by a fresh cream blast, a bright fruity flavor, and a deep, structured nuttiness. This Gruyere is fantastic for fondue, cheesy mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, grilled cheese, or just on a cheese plate. Pair with a Riesling or Amber Ale.

Ingredients: raw part-skim cow's milk, bacterial cultures, salt, rennet, enzymes.

Contains: milk

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