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Green Minerals Plant-Based Tonic


12 fl oz

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Green Minerals Plant-Based Tonic

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12 oz

Based on Taoist and Aryuvedic principles of Qi, the life force circulating through all things - this tonic is a blend of nutrient-dense greens and herbs meant to invigorate the body and restore energy. The minerals and trace elements found in the ingredients fight inflammation and removes unwanted waste in the system. Drink this when you're feeling tired or stressed from a fast-paced and turbulent environment. 

Ingredients: filtered water, lemon*, Green Mineral proprietary herb blend (nettle, oats, alfalfa*, rose hips*, lemongrass*, linden, raspberry leaf*, red clover*, goldthread*), erythritol, chlorophyllin, monk fruit extract (*organic ingredients)

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About The Producer

Santa Monica, CA
Goldthread distills, steeps, and brews the highest quality super-herbs, adaptogens and spices to make a refreshing, low sugar, highly functional tonic, that can be enjoyed everyday.Read more