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Elderberry Defense Plant-Based Tonic

12 fl oz
Elderberry Defense Plant-Based Tonic

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12 oz

This Elderberry Defense tonic contains herbs used in both Eastern and Western traditions related to the “defensive qi"- in other words, the energy that safeguards health. Containing elderberry, hibiscus and rose hip, these sour super-fruits combined with herbs such as Astragalus will strengthen your body and increase heat in the digestive system for improved absorption of nutrients. Drink this when traveling or in periods of high stress. 

Ingredients: filtered water, lime*, Elderberry Defense proprietary herb blend (elderberry*, hibiscus*, cinnamon*, orange peel*, ginger*, Greek mountain mint*, cardamom extract*, rose hips*, tulsi*, goldthread*), erythritol, monk fruit extract (*organic ingredients)

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Santa Monica, CA
Goldthread distills, steeps, and brews the highest quality super-herbs, adaptogens and spices to make a refreshing, low sugar, highly functional tonic, that can be enjoyed everyday.Read more