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Daily Adaptogen Powder

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Daily Adaptogen Powder

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Goldmine's Adaptogen Powder is a blend of herbs and supplements that are thought to help with the body's response to stress, as well as boosting alertness and resilience. It's unflavored and easy to blend into coffee, tea, smoothies, juice, or even just a glass of water. Goldmine recommends .5-1 tsp per serving up to 3 times a day, so this jar has about 6 weeks of Adaptogen Powder.

Ingredients: reishi mushroom 1:1 extract powder*, chaga mushroom 1:1 extract powder*, cordyceps mushroom 1:1 extract powder*, astragalus*, ashwagandha*, rosehip* (*organic).

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San Francisco, CA
Goldmine creates adaptogenic herbal blends made with six organic ingredients.Read more