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Golden State Cider

Gingergrass Hard Cider


4 count
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Gingergrass Hard Cider

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4 pack of 16oz cans, 6.1% abv
Golden State Cider's Gingergrass Hard Cider is a refreshing, well-rounded cider. It's made with 100% freshly pressed apple juice, real ginger root, and fragrant lemongrass, all fermented with Champagne yeast. Each sip will bring vibrant aromatics, zesty flavors, and refreshing effervescence. For pairing it, think of a minerally white wine—try it with savory seafood, sushi, or spicy papaya salad.

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Golden State Cider
Sebastopol, CA
Golden State Cider makes unique and drinkable ciders from fresh pressed west coast apples.Read more