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Classic Powdered Mini Donuts

3 count
Classic Powdered Mini Donuts

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2 count

Classic Powdered Donuts by Glonuts are moist, dense, coconut-based treats finished with zero-sugar classic powdered and granulated sweet toppings.

Ingredients: non-gmo almond flour, organic coconut, organic coconut butter, organic cocoa butter, organic coconut oil, non-gmo monkfruit sweetener (non-gmo erythritol, non-gmo monk fruit extract), organic vanilla extract, organic cinnamon, pink salt.

Contains: tree nuts (almonds, coconut).

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About The Producer

Los Angeles, Ca
Glonuts are healthy, delicious donuts with just 1 gram of sugar each! Made from clean ingredients that help you glow from within, they are raw, vegan, and gluten-free, offering the pleasure of eating a donut without the usual guilt. Created by Los Angeles couple Kristin and Grover, Glonuts started as a wellness-focused coffee business and evolved into a beloved treat inspired by Kristin's favorite childhood powdered donuts.Read more