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Sushi Ginger

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Sushi Ginger

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Discerning sushi chefs agree that The Ginger People's Sushi Ginger is the purest pickled ginger around. These sheer, delicate slices of ginger contain none of those nasty artificial dyes, sweeteners, or preservatives. And the best part? It's organic! Serve this sushi ginger with sushi, sashimi, spring rolls. 

Ingredients: organic ginger, organic cane sugar, organic rice vinegar, and citric acid.

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The Ginger People
Marina, CA
The Ginger People offer a delightful range of products infused with the bold, vibrant taste of ginger. From zesty ginger chews to refreshing ginger beverages, each product is crafted using premium, sustainably sourced ginger. Perfect for adding a spicy kick to your day, these products not only taste great but also harness the natural health benefits of ginger. Enjoy the pure, invigorating flavor that only The Ginger People can deliver.Read more