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Wild-Caught California Spiny Lobster

2 lb
Wild-Caught California Spiny Lobster

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Elegant grilled lobster on a white plate garnished with fresh herbs, lemon, and butter, paired with a glass of white wine, embodying a luxurious seafood dining experience.

Get Hooked Seafood's California Spiny Lobster offers a taste of the Pacific Ocean's riches. Sourced from the clear waters off the California coast, this spiny lobster is known for its sweet, succulent meat and is a prized catch for seafood lovers. This lobster is perfect for special occasions or a luxurious weeknight treat and brings elegance and delicate flavor to any meal. Whether grilled, steamed, or boiled, it promises a dining experience that's both memorable and delicious.

Ingredients: Wild-caught California Spiny Lobster.

Contains: Shellfish.

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Get Hooked Seafood
Santa Barbara, CA
Get Hooked Seafood is a women-owned seafood company that uses the buying power of its members to support local fishers each week. The Get Hooked experience is to provide customers with top-quality seafood from a trusted source, on-call to answer any questions, and ready with recipes and tips to make the expansion of your seafood horizons a delightful adventure in healthy, ethical eating.Read more