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Gauchito Hill Farm

Organic Marvel Stripe Heirloom Tomatoes

1 lb
$7.99 / lb

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Organic Marvel Stripe Heirloom Tomatoes

Product Details

Approx. 1-3 tomatoes per lb
One of our favorite Heirloom Tomatoes, Marvel Stripe is beautiful inside and out. Mild and delicious. Your sandwich will thank you.

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About The Producer

Gauchito Hill Farm
Capay Valley, CA
Gauchito Hill Farm is a ten acre certified organic farm located in the beautiful Capay Valley, California, about 90 miles east of San Francisco and 40 miles west of Sacramento. We grow over 60 varieties of heirloom organic fruit and vegetables, which can be found at several farmers' markets, retail stores and restaurants. We are committed to utilizing sustainable, organic farming methods that work to improve the soil health and surrounding environment of the farm. We run our tractors with veggie oil and biodiesel fuel. We do not use GMO seed or plant material, and we do not spray harmful pesticides or chemicals on our crops. We are advocates for re-building small-scale agriculture businesses in ways that are transparent and socially sustainable. Most importantly, we love growing good food and sharing the stories behind it.Read more